Medical drones to the rescue!
Medical drones to the rescue!

Medical drones to the rescue!

Bosch and Singapore-based startup Yonah partnered up to solve healthcare challenges in remote and unacessible areas in Papua New Guinea by developing autonomous drone delivery.

Transforming healthcare in rural communities

Based in Singapore and set up by its three co-founders, Yonah aims to overcome access barriers to healthcare in rural regions through autonomous drone technologies. 
The team is currently working towards building an operationally-ready drone infrastructures to deliver time-sensitive medical supplies to over two dozen remote sites. 
As a technology partner to Yonah, Bosch assists Yonah by providing on-going consultation and trainings by Bosch technological experts as well as delivering products and solutions for the project.

"Making a difference and enabling better living through innovation has always been in Bosch’s DNA. Yonah is a perfect example of the next generation who are making a positive change to the global communities with their skills and educational know-how."

Martin Hayes, President of Bosch in Southeast Asia

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12 days

Currently it can take up to 12 days to deliver vaccines.

Overcoming challenges with innovative solutions

As time sensitive medical supplies such as vaccines are not able to last for long outside of refrigeration, these supplies end up being unused as they are no longer viable. Utilising autonomous drones to distribute vaccines can be the answer to ensure timely and safe delivery into remote areas where the need of medical supplies are crucial, especially during outbreaks.

The durability and reliability of Bosch tools enables the team to work from anywhere at anytime - even under harsh environmental conditions. This was shown during the team’s first trial flights in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

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Of people in Papua New Guinea live in rural areas with rugged terrain.

"We hope that our team continues to be inspired and driven to bring life to isolated communities that we serve, as they work with Bosch products and recognise the values that they stand for."

Sriram Sami, co-founder of Yonah

Project Yonah

Yonah aims to solve cargo logistics problems in rural and remote areas where the terrain is challenging and there is a lack of proper infrastructure. The team builds a medical cargo drone infrastructure to empower isolated communities and improve accessibility to basic healthcare.

Yonah brings together engineering and computing students who are driven with the intention of making a difference in the world.

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